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 Journey Back to Nature Through
Transformational Workshops

There is nothing wrong with nature.
The problem of mass extinction of plants, and animals in particular, lies with us and
how we see and treat them.

Fixing the problem starts from the inside out.

Our adventure then is the inner journey we take, the knowledge we gain and the experiences we have as we come to know, respect and reconnect with the beings of nature as they are and
want to live with them in mind.


Part 1. Know Nature
Seeing Nature Clearly
Through new eyes

As we face the reality that we are the cause of the mass extinction of nature, we also realize that we have the power to be the solution. The difference between being the problem and the solution lies in what we believe about nature and about ourselves. What we see when we look at nature through the filter of our beliefs is not the beings of nature as they are but as we were taught they were.

In this workshop:

  • Learn the common basic beliefs most of us share that have unknowingly influenced how we see and treat animals and plants.
  • Discover the ones you hold and how that affects what you do.
  • Begin to master the techniques that open you to see animals and plants as they really are.

This creates a quantum shift in your whole understanding of the beings of nature – of your interpretation of their behaviour and actions. It also shapes any action you take towards allowing nature to thrive.

Nature and You
Intricate Interconnections. Seeing Nature Clearly is a prerequisite.

For hundreds of thousands of years, we have lived in harmony with nature, our actions in sync with the rhythms of nature and the lives of the beings of nature. Over time, we separated out from nature and lost connection with animals and plants. In doing so, we also lost connection to our place in the web of life.

This is our story back to nature. A story we were born to take, a reconnection we were born to need, an understanding of nature we were born to have and a relationship were born to cultivate.

In this workshop:

  • Discover how nature and nature communities came to be the way they are.
  • Learn how deeply interconnected we both are.
  • Find out our place in nature.
  • Understand the relationship we have together and how that evolves us.

Out of this weekly workshop, we begin to understand the complexity of the community we live in and our place in it. Knowing this grounds us, gives us a feeling of belonging, access to our ultimate potential and a sense of purpose.

Part 2. Deep Nature Interconnecting
Rewild Your Heart
Go beyond science. Seeing Nature Clearly is a prerequisite.

When we decided to disconnect with animals and plants, we separated from something greater than ourselves. We lost an understanding of your place, a sense of belonging and of who we are.

Through Rewild your Heart, you have an opportunity to recreate this bond. It teaches you:

  • How to step into the natural world to be present to receive it.
  • The steps to connect deeply with nature.

Each of you will have a different experience each time you go to connect with nature. There is no right connection, no right experience. Possible benefits: awe of the beings of nature, rewilding your heart, feeling grounded and whole, more humane and having a greater feeling of your own humanness, place and purpose.

Part 3. Honouring Life and Loss
Honouring Nature, Honour your Grief
Moving beyond grief

Celebrating the life and mourning the death of the beings of nature. Seeing Nature Clearly is a prerequisite. The loss of the beings of nature brings us pain we may not recognize, block out or know how to deal with.

This work is about celebrating the lives of the beings of nature and helping you deal with your grief. We offer a holistic approach to the process of grieving that allows you to honour the process, prevents you from getting stuck in it and to experience the benefits that come out of grieving. Emotions such as compassion and empathy, the strength to stand in the face of your pain, having more emotional balance in challenging times, a realization of the preciousness of all life and more.

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