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A Better Place

How It All Started

One of the greatest gifts to me when I was growing up was the forest at the back of our property. I would go there when things got too much in the house. I sat under a tree, cried, raged and felt everything in between until it faded away and I felt better. As I sat under my favourite pine tree, I began to look around me and noticed the plants and animals who lived there. The animals accepted me and captivated me. After paying close attention a while, I noticed they did things with purpose. They had lives to live, partners and children to raise. They played, talked and took care of themselves just as we do. I felt safe and accepted.

Watching them lifted my spirits. They made me smile.

I have always felt so grateful to the beings of that community. They awakened in me an awareness of them, a connection with them, a desire to get to know them better and to help other people accept them as they really are so they could continue to live.

A Better Place signature program is my way of giving back.

As your wholistic nature experts …

We help you evolve as you get to know nature.

Through our breakthrough processes, we help you change how you see nature to transform your relationship with plants and animals and through these processes, transform yourself.

This new way of seeing and being brings you closer to nature so flourishing together becomes possible. We are here to provide you with the knowledge and experiences you need. Contact us to find out more about this exciting adventure.

Expertise and Experience

We have watched first hand as people in Canada have decimated nature, particularly animals, and that the rate of loss is accelerating.

To find out why, Sahlaa researched the problem for three years to discover the keys to turning this around. The research combined with:

  • A degree in animal behaviour and ecology, her training in living systems theory, deep ecology, nature connection and “The Work that Reconnects” with Dr Joanna Macy, world renowned eco-philosopher
  • Team writing estuary reports for the Canadian government
  • Training and a practice in stress management and personal development spanning 25 years

was blended together to become Journey Back to Nature, a series of workshops and often deeply felt nature experiences that move you to assist nature. The workshops help you to see nature clearly, discover the relationship you have with nature, learn the skills to deeply reconnect with animals and plants, celebrate their lives and mourn their loss while the nature experiences come as we reintroduce you to nature, bring nature to life for you and show you how to deeply immerse yourself in the nature community you are a part of.

Effective Tools 

Throughout our program, we guide you through time-tested and up-to-date science, holistic science and beyond science thought pieces and experiential exercises to see nature clearly, understand the relationship between nature and you, bring nature to life, develop nature awareness, form a deep nature connection, practice in nature immersions, and deal with nature’s life and loss through holistic grieving.


We are born to know nature and form a deep connection with all animals and plants. The work of getting to know some of the wisdom, lives and work of the beings of nature, making a deep connection with them, acknowledging their lives and mourning their loss changes you.

You become more present and grounded. You open your mind, rewild your heart, gain compassion, acceptance and trust. You open to insights and the voices of nature. You link back to something greater that you belong to and have a place in. This gives your life meaning and purpose and broadens you to explore your ultimate potential.

Discover the fullness of the relationship possible between nature and you.

Let us take you on a quest to know nature and evolve yourself more with effective thought pieces and experiential exercises. With over 25 years experience knowing nature and in personal evolution, we understand how to use the tools we have to bring nature alive for you, to foster a deep relationship with nature to inspire you to live with nature in mind. We bring you and nature together to thrive together.

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