We bring you and nature together to inspire thriving together.


Bridge the Gap with Nature

We are starting to recognize the scale and impact of the loss of so many animals and plants and as we start to pay attention to this, we are beginning to respect nature enough to honour who they are and their place in the world. Out of that knowing is a deep desire to preserve nature and to thrive together. Before we can co-flourish, we have personal transformations to make, inner evolutions to undergo, things to learn to fully understand nature and relationships to rebuild.  A Better Place has created Journey Back to Nature. Come, get to know nature and let nature evolve you. This adventure starts with a change of mindset and heartset that engages us with nature to bring us back together. 



Seeing Nature Clearly
How you see affects what you do

What do you feel when you see a slug, a snake, a spider, a wolf, a tree? Most of us have lost our connection with nature and so we lost the truth of who animals and plants are. Instead, we were brought up with beliefs that stand in the way of seeing nature clearly.  Those beliefs have determined how we now feel about nature and how we treat animals and plants.

Come and discover:

  • The 5 most common ways of thinking that create a separation between nature and us, interfere with seeing animals and plants as they are and affect how they are treated.
  • Uncover what beliefs you personally hold about plants and animals.
  • Begin to master the process of seeing nature clearly.

When you see the beings of nature for who they really are, what is really going on within them, what they really look like and what they are actually doing, you come away with a whole new awareness of nature. In the process, you shift your perspective and how you interpret what you see.

Nature and You
Our relationship with nature.

When you are really looking at a plant or an animal and you become aware that you are both alive and breathing, do you ever wonder if you are connected in some way? Nature and You takes you inside nature communities to explore that interconnection.

Find out:

  • How nature and nature communities (ecosystems) came to be the way they are.
  • How we are interconnected.
  • Our place in nature.
  • How the relationship we have together evolves us and more … .

Out of this weekly workshop, we begin to understand the complexity of the community we live in and our place in it. Knowing this grounds us, gives us a feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose.


Part 1. Know Nature
Who Nature Is

Seeing Nature Clearly

Come and see nature in a whole new way as you let go of the biases you grew up with to see nature clearly as if it was the very first time…

Nature and You

Come and understand the natural world, how we fit into it and how that gives us a sense of belonging and purpose…

Bringing Nature to Life

Nature has evolved over billions of years into the many forms we see today. Their wisdom, heart and the jobs they do have also evolved…

Get to Know Nature 

Explore forests, streams and lake shores with us to get to know the animals and plants who have created the Carolinian nature community we live in . ..

Part 2. Deep Nature Connecting 
Rewild your heart

A man and his dog exploring the trails in the Cathedral Grove forest. One of the few remaining sections of old growth forest.

Rewild Your Heart

Go beyond knowing nature to experience the deep, wordless connection that exists between you both to strengthen your …

Photo – Peter Granka

Nature Immersions

Being in the midst of a nature community builds the deep link between you both that you were born to need. Here, you feel accepted, your heart…

Part 3. Honouring Life and Loss.
Moving through and beyond grief.

Honouring Nature. Honouring Your Grief

When you connect with a grove of trees, a curious squirrel or a shy coyote, the destruction of their homes and their loss brings we do not know how to deal with. Here we take…

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